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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Fulfilling Potential
James J. Eisen has spent more than 25 years of his legal career handling issues surrounding the renewable energy industry.

Small Businesses

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals further entrenched a three-way circuit split over whether investments should be considered debt or equity for the purposes of tax law.


Phoenix Chief Presiding Hearing Officer Rosemarie Gavin has followed her law career wherever it has taken her - even to law librarian school - and she believes she’s far better off for being flexible.
US, Arizona bicker over DACA case
California’s imbroglio over DACA has left the doors of the U.S. Supreme Court for now, but developments this week in an Arizona case addressing the Obama-era immigration program, also pending before the high court, will give the justices one more opportunity to hear arguments about the program’s reach, if they so choose.
Redfin: Many homebuyers bid without 1st seeing
While a new Redfin survey concluded that 46 percent of San Diego-area homebuyers are bidding on properties without seeing them, some local agents strongly disagree with its findings.
LA attorney sues FBI for Hillary Clinton emails search warrant
An attorney who specializes in recovering art looted by Nazis has set his sights on a more contemporary prize: an FBI search warrant for Hillary Clinton’s emails.
Rap mogul’s lawyers tried to bribe witness: indictment
Two lawyers who represented the jailed music executive Marion “Suge” Knight were charged with conspiring to bribe potential witnesses in exchange for testimony favorable to their client, who is accused of murder.
Facebook ruling could encourage more biometric-privacy actions
On Monday, the Northern District of California issued a ruling denying Facebook’s motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction a biometric-privacy-based class action.
Companies shifting approach to fair use of user-generated content
There has been a sea change over the past few years in how the world treats user-generated content.
AG Brnovich kicks off AZ consumer protection week March 4th - 10th
In recognition of Arizona Consumer Protection Week, Attorney General Mark Brnovich released a list of the Top AZ Consumer Fraud Complaints received in 2017.


UA basketball coach insists ‘I have done nothing’
Let me begin by saying I regret all the negative attention that has been focused on our program and the difficult position that this has created for President Robbins, (Athletic Director) Dave Heeke, the Arizona family and especially our players and their families.
The benefits of hydropower have been undervalued
The National Hydropower Association is a nonprofit national association dedicated to promoting clean, affordable, renewable U.S. hydropower – from conventional hydropower to pumped storage to marine energy to conduit power projects.
Border Patrol faces impediments to doing their job
As the President of the National Border Patrol Council, I represent approximately 16,000 Border Patrol field agents and support staff.
America did not become great by kicking out immigrants
In June, seven American heroes died on a dark night when a ship collided with an American destroyer, the USS Fitzgerald.
The tax act and exemption application updates
Much of the talk relating to nonprofits and exempt organizations over the past few months has been with respect to anticipated implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.