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Monday, August 08, 2022


Old Models, New Practices
Splunk GC Scott Morgan says the Wild West mentality of the technology sector presents a challenge to thoughtful attorneys to provide calibrated advice.

Small Businesses

CompTIA and Maher & Maher, partners in a new national apprenticeship initiative designed to diversify and expand the technology workforce across America ...


U.S. District Judge John W. Holcomb likes short answers to his questions initially, but will dive deep into any topic presented before him by asking specific pointed questions.
Spontaneous combustion of 3-wheeled motorcycle brings suit
Personal injury law firm Carpenter & Zuckerman filed a lawsuit seeking a trial against Polaris Industries Inc. after two clients were severely injured when their rented Slingshot — a three-wheeled motorcycle with car seats — spontaneously combusted on a freeway in San Diego.
Nicotine pouch maker is monopolistic, competitor says
Nicotine pouch manufacturer Swedish Match North America LLC is using monopolistic tactics and litigation as a weapon to bully other players in the market, alleged competitor Dryft Sciences LLC in a lawsuit seeking $1.2 billion in damages.
Supreme Court ruling against EPA hurts, may not hobble clean air in Arizona
When the Supreme Court ruled this summer that the EPA could not force power plants to move away from fossil fuels, advocates worried that the justices had removed the “most effective tool for regulating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”
Biden nominates 3 to seats on US courts in California
President Joe Biden, racing to make up for lost time, nominated three judges to the Northern and Eastern districts of California Friday.
Why don’t lenders trust borrowers?
We signed our purchase and sale agreement stating we had the funds to purchase this home, so why would he “investigate” further?
Vanishing witness is impeached in Twitter case
The Department of Justice was accused of improper “gamesmanship” after the mystery witness in the trial of a former Twitter employee accused of being a spy for the Saudi government took the stand Tuesday in San Francisco and contradicted her reported statements from a pretrial interview with the FBI.
Qualcomm asks Circuit to block pared down antitrust claim
Attorneys for Qualcomm Inc. hope to squelch a smaller version of an antitrust class action against their client.


Guest Column
After Supreme Court decision, how far can elected bodies go in censuring members?

An elected official does something that deeply offends fellow board or council members, who feel compelled to respond. What can they do?
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Guest Column
IRS sting operations: More common than you think

We teach new tax lawyers to assume everyone with whom they speak is wearing a recording device. The point is to recognize the Internal Revenue Service wants to catch tax advisors who give bad advice and encourage bad behavior.
Guest Column
Supreme Court is positioned to consider the future of the First Amendment online

Federal and state legislators are considering (and some states have adopted) bills that would provide for government oversight of the content policies and moderation decisions of social-media platforms.
Guest Column
West Virginia v. EPA: The Supreme Court now runs the world

West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, 597 U.S. 2347278 (2022), should not have been decided. The dispute was not justiciable; there was no case or controversy.
Guest Column
Après Dobbs, le déluge?

June is the month for apocalyptic predictions about the Supreme Court. Every year, as the Court winds down its term, many of the Court’s most controversial decisions are released.