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Monday, November 18, 2019


Fulfilling Potential
James J. Eisen has spent more than 25 years of his legal career handling issues surrounding the renewable energy industry.

Small Businesses

Even with nearly 14,000 apartment units under construction in metro Phoenix, builders still can’t keep up with demand.


Phoenix Chief Presiding Hearing Officer Rosemarie Gavin has followed her law career wherever it has taken her - even to law librarian school - and she believes she’s far better off for being flexible.
Fusion Academy opens first location in Arizona
Revolutionary one-to-one school set to open its doors late fall.
America’s top labor law enforcer’s decision may have troubling implications for media unions
America’s top labor law enforcer signaled last week that many unions, including media unions, may be left without recourse if their employer engages in illegal union-busting.
Falling foot traffic across border worries businesses, state officials
While she waits for a family member to pick her up, Daniela Minerva sits near the pedestrian gate in Nogales, Arizona, painting her nails. She often spends time waiting in this spot in order to see her husband who lives in Mexico.
Phoenix Shanti Group to close, but leaves legacy of AIDS/HIV treatment
The Phoenix Shanti Group, a nonprofit that has been serving HIV+ patients with a history of drug abuse or homelessness since 1987, will close next year.
Lack of funding played a major factor in the closure, even with new cases of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, on the rise in Maricopa County.
DACA activists vow to keep up the fight as Supreme Court weighs program’s fate
Arizona DACA recipients wavered between expectation and resignation Tuesday while the Supreme Court considered the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative, a 2012 presidential order that protects 660,000 people from deportation across the country.
Navajo pull backing for tribal energy company over coal mine purchases
The Navajo Nation said Tuesday it is canceling indemnity agreements for the Navajo Transitional Energy Co., fearing the tribe’s finances could be “placed in a state of uncertainty” by the company’s recent purchase of three coal mines.
Arizona business owners share their tips for success
With more than 500,000 small businesses in the state that combined employ more than 1 million people, small businesses account for a significant portion of Arizona’s economy.