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Friday, April 23, 2021


Old Models, New Practices
Splunk GC Scott Morgan says the Wild West mentality of the technology sector presents a challenge to thoughtful attorneys to provide calibrated advice.

Small Businesses

he International Board of Credentialing and Continued Education Standards (IBCCES) is proud to announce Butterfly Wonderland as the second attraction in Arizona.


About 30 years ago, Los Angeles Police Officer Eric R. Fleming was chasing a juvenile through yards and jumping fences when the teen produced a weapon.
Ducey orders National Guard to border to respond to surge in migrants
Gov. Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency Tuesday and ordered 250 Arizona National Guard members to assist state and local law enforcement agencies at the border, as migrant apprehensions rise to their highest number in years.
Judge asks why involuntary data transfer is not theft
A federal judge challenged statements from Google on Tuesday that a class action accusing it of illegally hijacking Android users’ data to target them with advertising should be dismissed, questioning why she should not consider the practice theft.
9th Circuit to rehear Oakland’s tax claim against Wells Fargo
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday vacated an opinion allowing the city of Oakland to pursue a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co. alleging that its discriminatory lending practices cost the city property tax revenue.
Google v Oracle America and the rise of the legal API
The nerdiest of topics seemed to make the biggest of headlines recently when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the infamous case of Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc., 2021 DJDAR 3095 (April 5, 2021), which pertained to the use of the arcane and ostensibly vaunted application programming interface (or “API”) matter.
State school officials rebuff Ducey’s decision to lift mask mandate
Education officials rebuffed Gov. Doug Ducey’s decision this week to lift the mask mandate for state schools, with many districts planning to ignore what they called an “irresponsible” decision in a state where COVID-19 cases continue to rise.
GOP lawmakers’ challenge to emergency order gets icy hearing
Two Republican Assembly members brought their fight with Gov. Gavin Newsom to the 3rd District Court of Appeal on Tuesday. But one justice all but told them they were in the wrong place.
A lawyer’s lawyer
Robert ‘Bob’ Bertram Steinberg, Esq. (1928-2021)
He tried the first asbestos case west of the Mississippi and established the ‘peculiar risk doctrine.’

In 1980, Bob Steinberg had a cluster of asbestos cases. Twelve in all. At the time, no asbestos case had ever been tried west of the Mississippi; the “value,” or “market,” had not been established.